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3 Tips To Ace Your Next Interview

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

We partner with our job seekers before their interviews to ensure they feel prepared to knock their meeting out of the park. Here's some advice we give to all job candidates as they prepare to interview:

1. Prepare.

Preparation for interview is key, it allows you to feel calm and cool in the interview and shows the interviewer that you are thoughtful, detailed and articulate.

Plan to spend an hour the night before the interview reading all you can about the company mission, goals, guiding principals and industry (espically if its a industry thats new to you). Find at least 2 or 3 examples of things you love about the company and 2 or 3 examples of ways you exemplify the traits they seek.

Spend time too, reviewing the job description for your role and call out areas where you meet and exceed the qualifications and be prepared to address any areas where you'll need to do some learning, and how you'll do that.

Block off fifteen minutes before your interview to practice (out loud) answering standard interview questions, and any questions you think they might ask based on the job description, your application and ideas your recruiter shared.

2. Dress For Success

A suit used to be the perfect and standard look for all interviews. Work dress rules have changed a lot in the last decade with more and more companies moving towards casual dress. This is can make dressing for an interview a bit more challenging than pulling out your classic black suit.

It's best to wear an outfit that's a bit more formal than the general work enviroment. If an office is all t-shirts, sneakers and jeans, for instance, a cool button down, black pants, and nice shoes is an elevated look, but not overly formal.

If you're nervous or unsure what to wear to your interview, chat with your recruiter who can help you identify an outfit that will ensure you feel confident.

3. Plan Your Questions

Interviewers appreciate a list of thoughtful questions - they show that you're curious, engaged and interested in their organization and the role. More importantly, asking questions ensures you have a grasp of the role, the requirements, the day to day work and the team you'd be working with.

It's great to prep 3-5 questions in advance of your interview. Listen for answers to those questions during the interview so you aren't asking the interviewer to repeat information they've already shared. Right down new questions as you learn more throughout the interview.

Interviewers have different styles, some save interviewee questions for the end, some like to have interviewees ask questions throughout the conversation and others at the beginning. Be prepared for all styles of interviewing by actively listening and engaging in your conversation.

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